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The ultimate cheer/acro practice and performance pedestal

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Add the Pro Pedestal to your school and store and make $100 per unit sold with a simple secure URL link.

Give your entire gym the knowledge of crystal clear center.  With crystal clear center all balance positions become effortless and displays maximum beauty.
How the Pro Pedestal will benefit your gym.  1) The movement of the pole doesn't steal your balance, it expands your range of balance 1 inch in every direction, always bringing you back to center.  Like a real stunting arm.  2)The pole sends a vibration up through your body. This vibration takes your mind on a journey through your body.  You'll be able to feel the exact location of your muscles, bones, and alignment in the most profound way ever invented.  3)It ignites hard to reach muscle fibers all through the legs and hips.  Even the best stunters in the world will report the feeling of new muscles fibers working.  4)It's super fun.  5)Create intense workouts and beautiful performance routines.  6)Flexibility training. The list goes on. Please watch all the videos and read all the text on my home page but don't spend $465 on my website. Come back to this email and get it for $365 + the link to sell to your clients.

This balance concept runs deep into the roots of authentic acrobat training. Our video footage on the Pro Pedestal ranges from beginners to the top level elite balance skills in the world!


Dear Gym Owners and Directors,
It will take 30+ minutes to study my home page. Let's just skip to the offer.  Today I'm offering it to you for $365.  This price includes shipping  and I make you a secure URL payment link that you can use to sell this product for $435 to your clients and make $100 per unit sold!

HOW IT WORKS, You buy now. Tomorrow I ship you the Pro Pedestal. I make you a simple payment page with your logo on the top and email you the link.  Your kids and coaches will love the Pro Pedestal in your gym.  Some will want to buy it.  You give them the link to the payment page that I email you however you want.  Save the link in your note pad on your phone and give it to them in a simple phone message; or you can put the link in a button on your online store. The sale gets recorded on my activity page. When the money clears I transfer $100 (minus transfer fees) back to your account per unit you sell. I can't wait to pay you.  Here is a sample of the page I will make for you to give to your clients.  Payments operated by Stripe.
Stripe is the same payment processor that Amazon uses.

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Buying from you gives your clients a $30 discount compared to my home page at $465  The Pro Pedestal is truly FUN, HELPFUL and VALUABLE. Kids will beg their parents for it, and the parents will pay. The level of quality in our product is superior hi-tech craftsmanship as you will soon see.  Craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed.

1) Obey the weight limit.
2) Keep the moving part lubricated.
3) Warranty only applies to the pole, if you damage the base, I don't know what you did, throw it out of an airplane? 
4) Must make 3 sales every year. If you can't make 3 sales every year, don't worry just make sure the cone stays lubricated and it will have a long life.

Our new units are super strong.  We tested this design for 6 years and we've had zero problems with it.  The moving part is the secret to the longevity.  The moving part (the cone) dispurses the torque away from the weld.  Our earlier units were just welded together and the torque went into the weld and the weld would eventually crack.  Now with this design, the torgue does not enter the weld.  The torque enters the cone and the cone just moves instead of receiving torque. Our new design and parts are patent pending.


CALL ME. I was born in the Chicagoland area, the Pro Pedestal is made and shipped out of Columbia Tennessee.  813 369-551  It will be better to write me an email with your number, time zone and when I can call you back. 
David Ciolkosz

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my motto "train forever"
We have units ready to ship, all units are beautifully powder coated blue.

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