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pro pedestal + equilibrium training on one foot program
"A flyer can't get a better workout"
test your cheer/acro skill knowledge

10 fun questions packed with knowledge and diagrams

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enhanced skill knowledge program   eBook

Valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. Diagrams and videos + basic skill knowledge program.  These lessons will stay in your mind forever.

100,000 + hours of experience poured into these topics 

  1. Equilibrium training on one foot (flyers will love this workout, includes video to train with)

  2. The wip-back in perfect and complete detail (video + diagrams)

  3. Handstand 7 complete diagrams (no detail is missing in this outstanding explantation of the handstand)

  4. All the information from the basic skill knowledge program. 


coach Victor the honored coach of Ukraine graces us with his exquisite knowledge 

basic skill knowledge program 

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Private link with all the diagrams from the free quiz and expanded explanations

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