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Please read, Very important
  1. Obey the weight limit.  The scientific weight limit is 185, but we suggest 165 limit.

  2. CONE MUST STAY LUBRICATED.  We do not provide you with grease, it's easy to get at your local hardware store.  If the cone freezes and there is no swivel movement then the torque will enter the weld and the weld will eventually crack. We will know when we examine pictures if the cone received proper maintenance.

  3. DO NOT USE if the swivel motion freezes. Simply unscrew the tube, pull out the cone, clean the cone and insert with a napkin.  Re-apply fresh grease. This process is very simple, and very necessary.

  4. DON'T SLAM ON IT, Tick-tocks, switch stance should be outlawed.  Heavy people definity don't jump on it.

  5. Only the pole is under lifetime warranty. we've never had any other problems with any other part of this equipment since 2008.  It's super heavy duty.

  6. MAKE THREE SALES EVERY YEAR If you can't make three sales every year, don't worry, just follow the other rules and you will be super happy with the longevity and value it brings to your program.

  7. In the event the pole does crack, it will crack at the weld next to the cone.  The brass ring will prevent the pole from dislodging from its place, so it will be a safe and controlled situation.  You must send me photos and answer a questionnaire so that we can have a full knowledge of how it happened.

Getting paid for making sales

  1. Currently the best way is to send you a check at the end of each month.  I can see on my activity page who made the sale, I have your address in my databank.

  2. PAYPAL transfer, but I need additional information

  3. I'll email you every time a sale comes in under your name so you can know what check amount to expect at the end of the month.

  4. Sale page I provide for you can only be used in your school for your clients.  You agree not to market the link beyond these parameters without written permission from Cheerbalance.

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