April 11, 2016

The Pro Pedestal show all the mistakes the student is doing wrong. When the body is tight the pole will shake. When the body is tight and centered the pole holds still.


April 11, 2016

The Pro Pedestal is a great flexibility tool. The natural vibration of the pole warms up the intricate workings of the leg for more comfortable stretching. 


April 6, 2016

Ok, owning a Pro Pedestal is not quite as cool as owning a Lamborghini, but it is the Lamborghini of balance equipment. That means the Pro Pedestal looks like it came from outer space!  It's so beautiful!  So well built!  Training on it will accelerate your strength and balance knowledge the fastest!


BEAUTY!  STRENGTH!  SPEED!      Pro Pedestal = Lamborghini


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Acrobat Secrets for Cheerleaders
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