The new Pro Pedestal design.  Has been tested since 2016.  The natural vibration of the pole creates shockwaves of energy, resulting in tremendous balance strength and body awareness.

spinning top

Decades ago professional circus people developed this concept for hand balancing. The pole at the proper length and thickness has a natural movement or vibration. This movement expands your balance range and moves with you just like in real stunting as you search for true center in your balance positions.










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About ProPedestal 

The 2016 Pro Pedestal is a balance training product at the highest level. Our fabrication team makes products for the USA military, and for hostipals in Germany. Now they make the Pro Pedestal for you! Craftmanship is second to none, and quality is guaranteed.


Proper use of the Pro Pedestal creates many benefits for the cheerleader and it's a lot of fun to train on! It accelerates muscle growth in balance positions ensuring rock solid performances.  Also it enhances the minds connection with the body.  This is very valuable knowledge for people being held up high in the air. Please watch our video testimonials to learn more about what high level people in the industry say about the Pro Pedestal. 



Video testimonials

Fierce Connection

Gym owners. Former NFL flyer and base.

Florida Gators University Former Cheerleading Head Coach


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